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Founder, Consultant, and Dental Hygienist
CEO of Dental Vision
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Yves Besner

CEO of Dental Vision


As Chief Executive Officer for Dental Vision, Yves remains focused on delivering quality services. He aims to create partnerships and structure agreements to grow the business.

Yves holds a degree in Advanced Programming from La Cité Collégiale and a diploma in Applied Computer Science from the Institute of Information Technology. From the day he completed his studies, Yves became involved in his entrepreneurial projects, which led to the creation of multi-million dollar businesses, the most recognized multi-service digital agency in Ottawa, SEO TWIST, and now Dental Vision.

One of his personal and professional goals is to lead Dental Vision to the top of the dental marketing industry, dental consultation services, and continued education of dentists, dental hygienists, and dental teams in Ottawa and the surrounding area.

With his in-depth knowledge of martial arts, more specifically Kung Fu, Yves has the discipline to stay focused on his dreams and ambitions while successfully managing his businesses.

Yves’ choice of extracurricular activities, including motorcycling and piloting airplanes, which he does in his rare free time, are proof that he is also a thrill seeker.