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Caroline Rochon

Speaker and Trainer


Caroline is an international speaker, trainer, success coach, professional organizer, and certified trainer with Appreciation at Work™. She is dedicated to inspiring and empowering people and their teams to achieve their goals and dreams.

She was trained by none other than Jack Canfield, a successful author known for his contributions to the Chicken Soup for the Soul® and Success Principles™ books which teach people how to transform their lives.

In 2013, she had the honor of speaking in Mexico where she has earned her place among several great international names. In 2012, Caroline achieved one of her dreams in becoming a TEDx speaker, in India. In 2010, she was recognized as Self-Employed Entrepreneur of the Year in Outaouais.

Caroline is a multifaceted personality as a television and radio columnist, content writer, and speaker. She is a successful author and is passionate about inspiring people with her writing. Your team will be transformed not only by the tools she will share, but by her passion and authenticity!